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Photo of the artist in his studio by Alexandra Trowbridge-Matthews


The vastness of the oceans, mistakes of navigation, discoveries of non existent seas and islands, along with actual experienced phenomena have been the catalysts for the much of my recent creative work. The themes of early ocean exploration are found through sources in old books, charts and actual voyages. These errors of navigation, illusory islands and imaginary discoveries have led to work seeking to examine the limitless possibilities of that which may or may not exist. They represent the journey of discovery that everyone takes through life. The work becomes a vehicle through which I can ponder the possibilities inherent in existence. The paintings also explore experiences associated with time and place. They seek to create an atmosphere in response to the actual forms, colours, and light experienced at sea to create images, which illuminate our notions of meaning.The work includes large scale oil paintings, watercolours, screen prints, artists books, mixed media sculpture, themed display collections and occasional video pieces. The work is generally abstract and no one specific meaning can or should be sought. The titles suggest possibilities to the viewer while remaining open to individual interpretation, encouraging an engagement in personal contemplation and creative thought. As many questions are raised, as are answered but the works seek to explore the possibilities of existence and celebrate the richness of personal experience. I hope those who see the work will explore the pieces for themselves, find their own meanings, and enhance their own voyage of discovery.

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