Adrian Paul Metcalfe will be visiting the South Wales Arts Society,

Tuesday 8th May 2018 from 7pm to give a 'Critque' of members work

Contact South Wales Arts Society for details and membership


A new Joint Exhibition with Alexandra Trowbridge-Matthews

'Of Water and Stone' New works on Venice was at: Canfas Gallery, Cardiff,

30th July to 27th August 2016

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Hard back Book Published 2010

The Search for Verrazzano's Sea

The Creative Voyage of Adrian Paul Metcalfe

In this book Adrian Paul Metcalfe describes the development of his creative work, exploring its themes, ideas and techniques while examine the contexts in which it can be seen. Over 150 full colour illustrations accompany a text by the artist and a new in depth interview by Alexandra Trowbridge-Matthews.

"In 1524 Giovanni da Verrazzano set sail in his ship 'La Dauphine' in search of the fabled North West Passage. He encountered unexplored strange lands, eventually believing he had found a sea linking the two oceans. This was marked on charts as the 'Sea of Verrazzano'. Unfortunately he had only discovered a deep river estuary leading further into land. This error of navigation has been a starting point for much recent work, which explores this imaginary sea and examines the limitless possibilities of that which may or may not exist."

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