The Search for Verrazzano's Sea - The Creative Voyage of Adrian Paul Metcalfe

In 1524 Giovanni da Verrazzano set sail in his ship 'La Dauphine' in search of the fabled North West Passage. He encountered unexplored strange lands, eventually believing he had found a sea linking the two oceans. This was marked on charts as the 'Sea of Verrazzano'. Unfortunately he had only discovered a deep river estuary leading further into land. This error of navigation has been a starting point for much recent work, which explores this imaginary sea and examines the limitless possibilities of that which may or may not exist.

In this book Adrian Paul Metcalfe describes the development of his creative work, exploring its themes, ideas and techniques while examine the contexts in which it can be seen. Over 150 full colour illustrations accompany a text by the artist and a new in depth interview by Alexandra Trowbridge-Matthews.

'The work is abstract and no one specific meaning can or should be sought. As many questions are raised as are answered but the works celebrate the possibilities of existence and the richness of life. I hope readers will explore the work in this book for themselves, find their own meanings and enhance their own voyage of discovery.'

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Limited Edition Artists Books    
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The Sea of Verrazzano - A limited edition of 23 books containing fully 16 fully screen printed pages and cover based on a series of collage with hand painted marks


Icons of the Great Ocean - A limited edition of 100 reproductions of the artist’s original hand painted book containing 20 watercolours painted on fragments of Admiralty charts.


White Water - Proof copies of as yet unpublished edition of reproductions of artistís watercolours detailing waterfalls in the Vale of Neath.


Mysterious Voyage - Limited edition of 50 books containing reproductions of original mixed media word and image pieces by the artist, based on poetry by Alexandra Trowbridge-Matthews. Book contains the poems.


Earth Stones - A limited edition of 25 hand printed books containing a set of 8 black and white woodcuts, title and text print detailing a series of standing stones visited on August 25 1991 in the area of Cader Idris, North Wales. Hand printed sleeve for book.


Shining Islands - A limited edition of 50 books containing woodcut prints , 12 black and white and one hand coloured. The book was produced during five weeks as artist in residence at the Bonhoga Gallery, Wiesdale, Shetland in November 1996. The images derive from the artistís initial response to the landscape of Shetland.


Pwll Du / The Black Pool - A limited edition of 100 book containing 16 reproductions of watercolours and 2 black and white drawings by the artist.


Pwll Du / The Black Pool ( A study in light ) - Hand printed and coloured book containing 10 original woodcut prints in a constructed relief box cover. Limited edition of 10 plus 2 artist’s proof copies.


Earth Sites - A limited edition of four hand printed and bound books containing 13 woodcuts and 2 lino - cuts in black and white.


Traces of Albion - Hand printed and bound book containing 10 lino prints in a limited edition of 22. Details ancient sites visited in England.


Single Original Artists Books    

The Sea of Verrazzano - Hand made book of painted canvas pages with canvas covered wood painted cover. Inspired by Verrazzanos discovery of the ''false' sea leading to the pacific form the Atlantic ocean in 1524

2006 -2008

Dell' Arcano del Mare - Mixed media hand made book of painted canvas pages with wood painted cover. Inspired by Robert Dudleys Atlas of Nautical Charts published in Florance in 1646.

2002 -2004

Mysterious Voyage - Mixed media hand made book of painted canvas pages and canvas covered painted wood cover .2000/2002 Icon of the Shining islands - Hand painted book on 8 pages in painted wood cover. Includes 14 paintings in acrylic. 2000
The Great Book of Oceans - Hand painted fragments of lost charts of mysterious oceans. 1996/1997 The Great Book of Deserts - Hand painted fragments of lost maps of mysterious deserts. 1997/1998
Stone Placements and Earthworks Wales - Hand bound book containing watercolours based on diagrams and plans of ancient sites visited in Wales. Hand painted mixed media relief cover. 1981 Stone Placements and Earthworks England - Uncompleted hand bound book containing watercolours based on diagrams and plans of ancient sites visited in England. Hand painted mixed media relief cover. 1981/1982
Traces of Albion - Hand bound book containing 62 watercolours based on the ground plans and diagrams of ancient sites. Hand painted mixed media relief cover .1981/1982 The Eccentric Mirror - Ongoing series of watecolours in old library ledger, incorporating found lists of text. 1996-?
Collaborative Limited Edition Artists Books      

Available Now! May 2013: New series of illustrations published in Ryan Chandler's stunning new poetry book 'Night & Day' The limited edition of 100 soft back books includes front and back cover design, title page, and 12 reproductions of watercolours in full colour exploring the imagery of Ryan's striking text. Approximately A5 size, the book is available directly from the artist,

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