This page is the gateway to a series of archive pages detailing selections of earlier work by the artist. The work has been loosely grouped into six areas related to rough periods of time. However as usual work can not be tied down to an exact period or style. Works have developed gradually, one style evolving towards the next, often different work existing side by side for a while. Although current work may seems radically different links can be seen between each area and certain themes are consistent throughout. Much of this work is still available and occasionally exhibited. All the work is a record of ideas, experiments and developments at the time and still has great relevance now. It is included to help visitors understanding of new developments and to enjoy for its own intrinsic value. Each page has links back to the main Achive page and links directly back into the main site pages.

The Secret of the Sea

Icons of the Great Ocean.

Icons of Light.

Mysterious Voyage.

White Water.

Earth Sites.